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GoMo Review: Is It Worth It?

GoMo is value-orientated mobile phone plan that costs 12.99 per month and offers unlimited calls, text and data. So, whats the catch?


How to play the Chrome Dinosaur game

We’ve all experienced it at some point, the dreaded “lost connection” error but now Google has decided to turn a negative situation into a positive one with their lost connection Dino game. How to play the game It’s very simple: wait for your connection to drop and the game will automatically boot on the Google homepage. But waiting for a dropped connection is not always practical especially if you want to play right now. So, there are two ways to access the game: 1. Disconnect your laptop/phone/computer from the internet, either by putting it on airplane mode or manually disconnecting …

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How to use Spotify Party Mode

Have a party by yourself with Spotify Group Sessions Have you ever been torn between staying in or partying? Well now , with Spotify’s new Group Session, you can have a party from the comfort of your own bed. The Informally dubbed “Party Mode” allows two or more Spotify premium users to share control over the music and collaborate on a playlist for the group. This feature is a welcome addition given the current global crisis that has seen more and more people increasingly isolated. Now friends, can work, play and dance together with their collaborative playlist. How to use …

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Does The Huawei P40 Have Google Play Services In Ireland?

The Huawei P40 has no Google apps Due to the company’s on going spat with the US government, Huawei phones currently do not have access to Google Play Services. This means no Google maps, no Youtube and no Gmail or Chrome. This is no small Hurdle for the Chinese tech giant to overcome as most people have come to rely on these apps in some capacity throughout their daily lives. Should you avoid the P40? So, without the Google Play, is the P40 a bad investment? Not necessarily, Huawei is working diligently to stock it’s own App gallery with the …

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