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How to play the Chrome Dinosaur game

We’ve all experienced it at some point, the dreaded “lost connection” error but now Google has decided to turn a negative situation into a positive one with their lost connection Dino game. How to play the game It’s very simple: wait for your connection to drop and the game will automatically boot on the Google homepage. But waiting for a dropped connection is not always practical especially if you want to play right now. So, there are two ways to access the game: 1. Disconnect your laptop/phone/computer from the internet, either by putting it on airplane mode or manually disconnecting …

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Galaxy S10 Flickering Screen Issue

How to fix Galaxy S10 flickering screen issue

Troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy S10 flickering screen issue A common issue on Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is a flickering screen.  Flickering screen problems are typically caused by bad hardware but can also be a result of software glitches or app conflicts.  First step is to diagnose whether the fault is a software or hardware issue.  Reboot the phone The oldest trick in the book but often the most effective.  If the problem has occured with no damage to the handset, then a software bug is a likely cause.  Such bugs usually go away after restarting the device.  We recommend a “battery pull” …

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