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How to play the Chrome Dinosaur game

We’ve all experienced it at some point, the dreaded “lost connection” error but now Google has decided to turn a negative situation into a positive one with their lost connection Dino game. How to play the game It’s very simple: wait for your connection to drop and the game will automatically boot on the Google homepage. But waiting for a dropped connection is not always practical especially if you want to play right now. So, there are two ways to access the game: 1. Disconnect your laptop/phone/computer from the internet, either by putting it on airplane mode or manually disconnecting …

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How to use Spotify Party Mode

Have a party by yourself with Spotify Group Sessions Have you ever been torn between staying in or partying? Well now , with Spotify’s new Group Session, you can have a party from the comfort of your own bed. The Informally dubbed “Party Mode” allows two or more Spotify premium users to share control over the music and collaborate on a playlist for the group. This feature is a welcome addition given the current global crisis that has seen more and more people increasingly isolated. Now friends, can work, play and dance together with their collaborative playlist. How to use …

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Galaxy S10 Flickering Screen Issue

How to fix Galaxy S10 flickering screen issue

Troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy S10 flickering screen issue A common issue on Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is a flickering screen.  Flickering screen problems are typically caused by bad hardware but can also be a result of software glitches or app conflicts.  First step is to diagnose whether the fault is a software or hardware issue.  Reboot the phone The oldest trick in the book but often the most effective.  If the problem has occured with no damage to the handset, then a software bug is a likely cause.  Such bugs usually go away after restarting the device.  We recommend a “battery pull” …

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