Excel Drop Down Cells

How to add a drop-down list to an Excel cell

Excel drop-down lists are an excellent method for data entry. Keep your worksheets professional and tidy with Excels handy list feature. In many online surveys and polls, it can be useful to limit the users choice for a selection with a drop-down list.  This feature can also be used in excel but the process can be a little tricky if you’re not an excel whiz. To create your drop-down list in excel, we will be using the data validation feature. You only need two things to begin: your list and the cell you that will contain the dropdown. The following …

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Samsung SSD Takes Another Leap in Speed

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Samsung Glaxy Note 10 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Review

Introduction Few smartphones are quite as legendary and influential as the Galaxy Note line. Over the years since the original Note N7000, back in 2011, Note handsets have pushed many envelopes. Putting productivity and prosumer needs first is what helped the Galaxy Notes define the “phablet” category and bring new life to the stylus accessory. Naturally, a loyal fan-base followed, one that Samsung is particularly proud of and tends to flaunt at every new Note launch. The Galaxy Note series has always been known for its uncompromising power, trademark stylus, and mammoth screen size. But picking up the Note 10 …

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