Does Amazon Ship To Ireland?


More people than ever are shopping online and as Amazon is one of the largest online retailers, more and more people are gravitating towards the e-commerce giant.

Many users however have spent hours browsing, adding products to their carts and moving to checkout only to hit with the dreaded “We’re sorry, this item cannot be shipped to your location”.

So, whats the deal? Does Amazon ship to Ireland? If so, how do I go about it.

Well the answer is yes and no. First you’ll need to understand the Amazon marketplace and how it works. Amazon is not a single entity, rather a marketplace made up of thousands of small and large businesses.

While Amazon itself does provide goods on their platform and these items will indeed ship to Ireland, many sellers on Amazon have different shipment policies and these may exclude Ireland.

So when shopping on Amazon from Ireland, its always good practice to buy from Amazon itself as Ireland is covered in its shipping zones.

Using mail forwarding services to bypass shipping restrictions.

If you’ve found an item you really, really want and unfortunately, it doesn’t ship to your location, never fear, there is a workaround. There are mail forwarding services which will give you a “virtual address” in the UK where you can send your packages from Amazon to have them forwarded to you in Ireland.

To find out how to use mail forwarding check out our article on using AddressPal from An Post here: An Post AddressPal

Amazon Prime and shopping from Ireland.

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