GoMo Review: Is It Worth It?


What is GoMo?

GoMo is an emerging mobile network provider in Ireland that offers an all encompassing mobile phone plan at a budget price. GoMo uses Eir infrastructure and is supported by Eir’s customer care team.

For all intents and purposes, it’s the Eir network repackaged with a colorful makeover and targeted towards a younger audience.

GoMo costs 12.99 per month and offers unlimited calls, text and data. So, whats the catch?

What does GoMo offer?

So, on the surface GoMo sounds pretty great. But once you dig into the ominous “other charges” and “terms and conditions”, you may find that “unlimited” is a bit disingenuous. Though it should be said that pretty much every providers “unlimited” plans are capped or restricted in some way.

So, lets see what you actually get for your 12.99.

Unlimited Calls
GoMo’s unlimited calls are capped by a fair usage policy of 45,000 minutes per-month which does seem quite fair. Because its built on the Eir network, you shouldn’t have many coverage issues as the Eir infrastructure is pretty well established at this point.

“Unlimited SMS”
Your “unlimited” SMS package will get you 10000 texts per month which again should be more than enough unless your a frenetic texter. In the unlikely event you do breach the 10k limit you will be charged 15c for every text.

“Unlimited Data”

Let’s be honest, nobody cares about calls or texts anymore. With the advent of Whatsapp, Snapchat, FaceBook Messenger and a plethora of other social apps, regular ol calls and texts just don’t cut it any more.

Consequently, data is king on most modern phone plans and most people will tend to gravitate towards plans with high or unlimited data allowances.

Like most other “unlimited” plans out there, GoMo has a fair usage policy of 80GB a month. This is a decent allowance but it’s also not unheard of to use that much data in a month.

Many people now use their phones as hotspots for downloading music and movies and this can very quickly eat up your allowance.

Also, if you’re a Netflix binger, 80 hours a month of standard streaming will burn through your allowance so that’s also something to be aware of.

If you do exceed your fair usage policy, GoMo may throttle your connection. They also may never do this, but they claim to keep a close eye on this.

GoMo Roaming

GoMo give you 10GB of roaming data within the EU which is fine. If you exceed this cap you will be charged €5.54 per GB so be sure to keep an eye on your usage althtough GoMo will notify you when you are approaching the cap.

It’s when you leave the EU you need to be careful with GoMo. Data is charged at an astronomical rate of €4.99 per MB, yes MB, that’s not a typo. So, that would be in excess of 5000 euro for 1GB of data – updating the social media is not THAT important.

Other Charges

GoMo does require an initial set-up fee of 9.99 to get your SIM activated. Considering the low monthly cost, I doubt many people will have much of an issue with this.

GoMo Network Speed and Coverage

As GoMo uses the Eir network, it has an excellent coverage rating with 99% 3G and 4G connectivity across Ireland. The network speed shouldn’t be an issue for most users and should be on par with any other 4G provider in the country.

As more people flock to the network due to the attractive price, contention may become an issue but for now, the network speed seems more than sufficient.

Customer Support

Customer support is handled by Eir who have a consistently low rating for support. However, it’s worth nothing that almost all providers have very low scores across the board. This is because people don’t tend to review a provider when everything is going smoothly – only when they have issues.

GoMo Overall Impression

GoMo certainly offer one of the most competitive packages on the market. There are some caveats in terms of usage but this is standard practice for most providers. The network is suitable for your average user however may be inadequate for gamers or for usage with 3 and 4G routers

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