How to use Kickass Torrents in 2020


Although the original Kickass Torrents website is no longer online, that does not mean the KAT community is dead. Loyal users and enthusiasts have kept the site alive through various mirrors and clones.

Unfortunately, many of the clones are poor imitations and bloated with ads and spam. If you’re looking for reliable Kickass Torrents websites you can check out our lists of sites here: Kickass Torrents Mirrors

How to download using Kickass Torrents

Once you’ve accessed your preferred website, it’s really quiet simple to use. You will need one thing however and thats a torrent client.

Torrent clients are a convenient interface used to simplify and streamline media downloading. There are a lot of torrent clients out there but two of the best on the market are uTorrent & Bittorrent

Once you’ve got your client installed, simply use the search bar within your chose site to search for a particular type of media.

Once you’ve found your desired file, simply click the download torrent link. This will download a torrent file to your computers “downloads folder” so navigate to this folder and click on this file. This will then prompt you to open the file with your torrent client, click yes and that’s it. The file will now be downloaded.

Using A proxy server to access Kickass Torrents

Many internet service providers have blocked access to Kickass Torrents and it’s mirrors due to the high numbers of pirated media on the sites. You can get around this by using a proxy server.

A proxy server hides your location and IP address by routing your traffic through a different server. There are many free and paid options available for VPNs.

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