The Best Free VPN Providers


Free VPN’s can be a bit of a mixed bag but you’ll find the very best free VPN providers the web has to offer here.

As privacy is becoming an ever growing concern, many people are turning to VPN’s to protect their privacy online. VPN’s have exploded in popularity within the last decade but all VPN providers are not created equal. We’ve tried and tested a wide range of free VPN’s to bring you this list of best free VPN providers.

Best Free VPN providers

  1. Tunnel Bear.

TunnelBear has become a serious contender in the privacy market after its acquisition by security giant McAfee. TunnelBear has free and paid options available but the free option should be more than sufficient for the average person looking for a bit more privacy when browsing.

The big caveat with TunnelBear is its traffic restriction. You are limited to just 500MB of traffic each month which is really a very small amount these days. That means you should only use it at times when you really feel the need for a little extra security.

2. Proton VPN

ProtonVPN like TunnelBear offers a free and paid VPN service, however ProtonVPN has a major benefit for its free users – no data restrictions. This is pretty rare for a free VPN as this is usually the best way to incentivize users to opt for a paid plan.

There are of course other incentives to entices users to upgrade to a paid plan. Users are limited to just one device, three locations and have reduced access to the fastest servers.

This is a comparatively small trade-off and this makes ProtonVPn one of the best choices for a free VPN.

3. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is one of the best free VPN providers out there. Their free plan is excellent in terms of features and is limited to 500MB of data per day. This is one of the more generous offerings from free VPN providers and should be more than enough to do your online shopping or banking safely.

Your also restricted to just one location with the free version but again this should be fine for most light users.

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