Which is the cheapest mobile network in Ireland?


People are using their mobile phones more than ever, so having a good mobile network has never been more important. We’ve analysed Ireland’s cheapest mobile network providers to find the best network offers currently available. This list contains a mix of Pay-as-you-go plans and bill pay plans.

Overall Best Value Network.

GoMo (Bill Pay)

GoMo is an all encompassing budget network provided by Eir that promises “everything you need” at an affordable monthly price.

For €12.99 per month, GoMo users get unlimited calls, texts and data. This plan is subject to a fair usage limit but the allowance is generous and most users are unlikely to exceed it.

Because its run on the Eir network, speed and reliability and coverage are excellent with 99% nationwide coverage promised.

GoMo operates on a bill pay 30-day rolling contract.

You can read more about GoMo in our in-depth review here.

Rock Bottom Cheapest Mobile Network In Ireland

The best way to save money on your mobile plan is to switch to a pay as you go option. This ensures you always spend a set amount every month without worrying about any nasty surprises at the end of the month.

Pay as you go options have become very attractive in recent years prompting many to turn away from bill pay in favour of more budget friendly options.

So, if you can handle topping up your phone once a month, the absolute cheapest mobile plan in Ireland right now is Tesco mobiles €15 top-up deal that gets you unlimited calls, 15Gb of data and €5 bonus credit.

LycaMobile also offer the same plan for the same price so its down to personal preference which one you choose. LycaMobile use the Three network so there should be no issues with coverage or performance.

Honorable Mentions

Eir currently have a prepay deal which offers users either unlimited data or unlimited calls and texts for 20 a month.

Three also have a 20 plan which will net you unlimited data, unlimited texts and free calls to other Three network mobiles.

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